Sunday, August 03, 2008

Boise, Idaho

I am currently in Boise, Idaho. I have spent most of the last week in the Washington wine growing area. For a relatively young wine growing region, they are making some amazingly good wines. There are also some of the worlds best winemakers working here. So far I have been very fortunate with the weather - everywhere that I have been has been fine and warm but not too hot. This coming week I will be flying to the west coast of the USA. The photo this week is of sunset in Washington state taken near Dayton.

This week at home in the Barossa we have only had 4.4mm of rain for the week. This is only enough to keep things damp, but we do still need some heavy soaking rains before the end of winter.

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Carl Rempel said...

Since you're in the area ... and presuming you have some time ... you should visit "Sunnyslope" and try out "Sawtooth", "Bitner", "Koenig" and "Hells Canyon" wineries.,-116.600647&spn=0.564378,1.446075&z=10