Friday, August 25, 2006

This week: 25th Aug.

Weather Report Week Ending 25/8/06
Maximum Temperature for the week 22.2C (72F) on Sun.
Minimum Temperature for the week -1.4C (29F) on Sat.
Rainfall for the Week 5.6mm (16 points) 2 days of more than 1mm.
Weather data thanks to BOM & Nuriootpa Viticulture Research Centre.

The small amount of rain we have had again this week is enough to keep everything nice and green, however this is hiding very low subsoil moistures. Another fairly severe frost during this week, We seem to have had an awful lot of sub-zero nights this year (probably something to do with the lack of moisture in the system). The forcast for the next week is for warm, mostly dry conditions (not at all what we need).

This week in the vineyard :
We have planted a new block of Sauv. Blanc. for Yalumba. The picture at right is of two of our staff making holes with a water jet and then planting young vines into them.
We have had Nepenthe viticulture back to remove old vines from their trellis using a new machine they are developing. This mulches the vine wood to be broken down in the soil, instead of burning the old vines as we used to do. It also means we can reuse most of the existing trellis, a big cost saving for us. The photo below shows this machine working (make sure to stand well clear!).
This week I have not only found whooly buds, but some of our young Chardonnay is in the process of bursting, I would expect most of our other varieties to follow in the next couple of weeks (this is approx. 1 week earlier than we would normally expect).

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