Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Start of Vintage 2008

Vintage has now commenced for us here in the Barossa Valley. We started picking yesterday (Jan. 29Th), we already have all of our Sauvinion Blanc and Pinot Noir off and have made a start on our Chardonnay. This has been the second earliest start to our vintage ever, only last year was earlier (Jan 23rd). So far yield looks like we will be getting close to an average crop (last year was 60%-70% below average). It is a little early to comment on quality, however we have had exceptional ripening conditions for the last 3 weeks, so I am hopeful of a very good year. In one (rather long) night we have picked nearly 15% of our vineyard area, now we wait for more to be ready to pick, it is unlikely that we will be picking anything else this week. Very short update for you all - now to bed after nearly 30 hours straight at work.

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Darby said...

Well done Mad dog. Hope the rest of the vintage comes off just as well. I've added a link to this entry from where I am collecting other vintage reports