Sunday, December 23, 2007

This week: 21st. December

Weather Report Week Ending 21/12/07
Weather data for this week is incomplete.
Maximum Temperature for the week 35.8C (96F) on Wed. 3? readings above our monthly average of 27.1C.
Minimum Temperature for the week 10.9C (51F) on Mon. 3? readings above our monthly average of 12.3C.
Rainfall for the Week 0.2mm (1 point) 1 day of rain.
Weather data thanks to BOM & Nuriootpa Viticulture Research Centre.
A warm and fairly humid week for us this week. The weather station at Nuriootpa has been down for a couple of days this week, so I have had to make a best guess at some of this weeks figures.
This week in the vineyard:
I have been spraying our early whites this week for the last time this season. We have been using Copper and Sulfur this time, which has a withholding period of 30 days here in Australia. I am expecting an early start to vintage this year, however not as early as the record start time of last year. We will be able to start picking anytime from the 20th of Jan. I am planning to spray the rest of our varieties the first week in Jan. We have also been skirting some of the longer canes that are hanging down, to improve the airflow through the vines and make it easier to machine harvest.
I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas. Please stay safe in whatever you do, particularly when driving this festive season (there was a fatal car accident this week with both of the cars finishing up in one of our vineyards, and a local woman I have known for around 30 years killed).

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