Saturday, September 01, 2007

This week: 31st. August

Weather Report Week Ending 31/8/07
Maximum Temperature for the week 27.8C (82F) on Thur. 6 readings above our monthly average of 14.6C. (This was the highest August temperature recorded in the Barossa since 1977, 13.2C above our average)
Minimum Temperature for the week 0.9C (34F) on Wed. 4 readings above our monthly average of 5.0C.
Rainfall for the Week 1.6mm (5 points) 1 day of rain.
Weather data thanks to BOM & Nuriootpa Viticulture Research Centre.

A very warm week here this week with strong Northerly winds causing a lot of drying. We are still waiting for some more good rainfall, the 1.6mm we had on Friday will need to be followed up with further rain early this coming week, to be any use at all.

This week in the vineyard:
I have seen the first signs of bud burst. This means we are now at the mercy of frosts. We have had two near frosts this week. The cover crop has all been mown down now, to minimise our risk of frost. I have started mowing a second time, to keep the cover crop as low as possible, to promote as much air movement as possible in and around the vines.
We have now completely finished our pruning with the last block of young Sauv. Blanc. now taken out of their grow guards and mostly trained onto the wire. Those that do not have enough growth to reach the wire yet will be left in their tubes for a bit longer to give them the chance to get stronger before they are also trained up to the wire. I will be in Melbourne for some of this coming week so I will not be getting much done in the vineyard, but I might let you know what I was doing there in a few weeks.
The Photos this week show some of our Mad Dog Sangiovese vines with the first signs of life for the year.

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