Sunday, May 20, 2007

This week: 18th. May

Weather Report Week Ending 18/5/07

Maximum Temperature for the week 22.9C (73F) on Sun. and Mon.
Minimum Temperature for the week 5.3C (41F) on Wed.
Rainfall for the Week 1.4mm (4 points) 2 days of rain.
Weather data thanks to BOM & Nuriootpa Viticulture Research Centre.

A fairly pleasant week, weather wise this week. The forecast promised a lot this week however the weather failed to deliver any substantial rainfall for us. We have been getting enough rainfall to keep things nice and wet but without any runoff. The story has been different in western New South Wales, with very good falls in the lower Murray river catchments - we will see if this translates into runoff, I'm not holding my breath. Our maximum temperatures have been above average, in fact all were above 20C except for Friday which was below our long term average of 17.6C.

This week in the vineyard:

All of the cover crop we are going to plant is now in, the first of it has started to germinate (as you can see in the photo). We are continuing to prune where we can, we are having to fight our way through quite a few leaves that are continuing to hang on to the vines (could be the warmer temperatures that I mentioned earlier). This week I have had to do my Chem cert. re-accreditation, this is a system in Australia to ensure that commercial chemical users are properly trained. We need to do a course every 5 years to receive our accreditation.