Monday, April 02, 2007

Email Cash

Recently I discovered the Emailcash web site. I have been responding to surveys for a while now. Emailcash is a lot more than just being rewarded for surveys. You get points for responding to surveys, reading emails and even shopping. If you use Emailcash retailers and then claim your points, you can very quickly accumulate a large number of points, which you can convert to real money. The money can be used for bidding in auctions for things like DVDs, board games, even Ipods and Play Station Portables. You can give money to charity. You can request a cheque to spend on whatever you wish. You can even bank your points at a very attractive interest rate. There are forums to air your views, and classified ads to help you buy and sell trash and treasure. There is even a section to play games against other members. Why not use the emailcash web link to the right or below to join up and have a look for yourself. If you join up and earn 400 points (not that hard to do), then I will also be given 200 points. Give it a go!


James Squire said...

Emailcash is great indeed but give much bigger rewards. That said I really like them both.

Andrew said...

I have been an emailcash member for years and have been very happy with them. There's a great comparison tool for showing the rewards offered for online shopping for a whole range of Australian (& US, UK, NZ, & Canadian) rewards programs