Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wine Industry Management Plan Accepted by Barossa Grapegrowers & Winemakers

In a giant step for the Barossa wine industry, members of the grapegrowing and winemaking fraternities, have overwhelmingly voted to accept the new Management plan that has been put together over the last 12 months by a dedicated group of grapegrowers and winemakers. With unprecedented co-operation between the two groups we have managed to get a very satisfactory result for the whole wine industry here in the Barossa. The public meeting, held on the 30Th of January, and attended by nearly 300 people, was the culmination of an extensive consultation process that involved approx. 500 people directly involved in the wine industry. The vote will see grapegrowers and winemakers contribute approx. $400,000 each, into a fund that will be used to enhance the profile of the Barossa Valley as one of the best wine producing areas of the world. The next step from here will see the development of an operational plan for the new organization, which will work out how these funds can be best spent to acheive this objective. While some of the the large corporate business' in the Barossa have expressed concerns over the lack of detail in the plan, we will be working closely with them to develop the detail needed in the operational plan to get them to fully commit to the future of the Barossa. While there is still a lot of work to be done, I believe we have now taken a very important first step in securing the future of the Barossa for generations to come.

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