Monday, January 01, 2007

Summary of 2006 weather

Temperatures, Max. 42.6C (109F) Min. 10.2C (50F)
Rainfall 17.2mm (50 points) 5 rain days
297 hours of sunshine recorded
297.2 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 36.46C (97F) Min. 9.52C (49F)
Rainfall 32.8mm (93 points) 4 rain days
282.4 hours of sunshine recorded
209.8 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 36.7C (98F) Min. 6.0C (43F)
Rainfall 65.4mm (186 points) 4 rain days
290 hours of sunshine recorded
217.0 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 23.4C (74F) Min. 1.5C (35F)
Rainfall 40.2mm (115 points) 12 rain days
179.3 hours of sunshine recorded
82.0 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 18.2C (65F) Min. -2.1C (28F)
Rainfall 47.2mm (135 points) 11 rain days
144.8 hours of sunshine recorded
49.6 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 17.3C (63F) Min. -4.5C (24F)
Rainfall 28.8mm (82 points) 15 rain days
169.9 hours of sunshine recorded
39.2 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 20.8C (69F) Min. -0.6C (31F)
Rainfall 39.4mm (112 points) 17 rain days
155.8 hours of sunshine recorded
45.4 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 23.7C (75F) Min. -1.4C (29F)
Rainfall 11mm (31 points) 12 rain days (record low rainfall for August)
235.8 hours of sunshine recorded
77.0 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 29.3C (85F) Min. 2.4C (36F)
Rainfall 20.0mm (57 points) 6 rain days (near record low rainfall for September)
242.4 hours of sunshine recorded
143.2 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 36.8C (98F) Min. 0.0C (32F) (record max. for October)
Rainfall 0.0mm (0 points) 0 rain days (record low rainfall for October)
315.5 hours of sunshine recorded
219.8 mm of evaporation recorded (average is 145.7mm)
Temperatures, Max. 37.7C (100F) Min. 3.0C (37F)
Rainfall 25.2mm (72 points) 8 rain days
297.1 hours of sunshine recorded
250 mm of evaporation recorded
Temperatures, Max. 41.2C (106F) Min. 4.1C (40F)
Rainfall 19.6mm (56 points) 5 rain days
303.6 hours of sunshine recorded
282.2 mm of evaporation recorded

2006 in Summary:
Average max. temperture for Nuriootpa is 21.2C (70F)
Average for 2006 was 21.2C (70F)
Average min. temperature for Nuriootpa is 9.0C (48F)
Average for 2006 was 8.2C (47F)

Average rainfall for Nuriootpa is 491.1mm (1400 points)
Total rainfall for 2006 was 326mm (930 points)
All weather data thanks to BOM and Nurootpa viticulture research centre

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