Monday, December 11, 2006


After a collaborative effort by a special Steering Committee of Barossa growers and winemakers covering most of this year, the final draft of the Barossa Wine Industry Management Plan has been released for industry consultation. The Plan aims to redress the current problems of oversupply of grapes and wine and low profitability within the wine industry and secure the future of our industry for future generations.

Speaking following the release, Steering Committee secretary Bob Taplin said that the Plan, if implemented, will affect every single winegrape grower within the Barossa region and every purchaser of Barossa grapes. “Every grower and winemaker should therefore make an effort to study the draft Plan and try to see how the Plan can help our industry develop,” Mr. Taplin said. “The ground work has been done but wider involvement from industry is required before decisions need to be made.”

Interested growers and winemakers can access the Plan via the website for the Barossa & Light Regional Development Board at (under the heading “Wine Industry”). They can also contact members of the Steering Committee for details, including details of a number of special information meetings that will held in the second week of January.

Steering Committee members include (in alphabetical order) Chris Canute, Paul Clancy, Jaysen Collins, John Curnow, Rob Gibson, John Hahn, Adrian Hoffmann, Keith Hoffmann, Geoff Knights, James Lindner, Anne Moroney, Matthew Munzberg, Leo Pech, James Rosenzweig, Ed Schild, Bob Taplin and Scott Tolhurst.

A public meeting, when growers and winemakers will be invited to decide on whether to adopt the Plan or not, has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, January 30.

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